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The Rise of GQOM Music


Did GQOM take over the music scene, as it has been dominant in the music industry?

This unique electro, EDM, house mbaqanga infused sound has taken SA at a storm. This musical genre was introduced to us around 2010 from Durban by a dynamic bright young ground-breaking techno savvy DJs; the likes of DJ Tira (and the West Ink Crew). The music started rotating around the KZN area, where mostly taxi drivers and certain clubs such as eHavana in Durban where some dance moves were created from (i.e. Ivosho) and now Distruction Boyz have raised it up a notch.


The genre started to grow on the rest of South Africa, as it’s become one of the sets played by DJs around South Africa. The culture and street wear that has come with the genre, has interest a lot of young people and actually influenced what they wear.

Seeing industry big names keen on working or want to collaborate with the GQOM “community” has made southern Africans a bit more welcoming to the sound, and as the years go the sound has continued to grow in many South African homes, clubs and events or when DJs infuse the sound with other genres.


The sound definitely grows on you, especially when you’re looking to get down and boogie. GQOM is now recognized in international scenes with it being featured as  movie soundtracks (such as Wololo by Babes Wodumo being featured in Black Panther). I foresee a bigger and brighter future for this musical genre, more awards, more hits tracks the works. Watch out this might be that genre that takes over, not only South Africa but maybe the world.

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