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25-year-old Dan Mwale is an anomaly, a visionary, a philosopher and a true artist. Part lawyer and part time musician, combining the 2 arts, he is dedicated to changing the landscape of the music industry and the lives of those around him for the better and proving that anything is possible with passion, perseverance and commitment.


2019 is the year Dan makes his mark in the music industry with the release of his highly anticipated EP.

Monster features the lead single ‘Jet Lagged’ – a high-energy track representing the hard work and hours one needs to put in, in order to be successful.

Dan Mwale has just released his official Music Video for the lead single Jet Lagged – which has been getting rave reviews and featured ‘Best Of The Week’ on Apple Music SA.

The scene and concept for Dan Mwale”s video is simple, basically keeping it real showing a glimpse into a day in the life of Dan and his friends, at a basketball court where he wilds out with closest male and female friends all dressed up in some of the best streetwear clothing, that’s jet lagged for you”

Directed by Kuda Jemba and produced by Floggnation Records in Conjunction with Daniel Muchimba Mavu. The video location is the Zoo lake Basketball Courts.


It’s just a fun song expressing that you can also enjoy working hard, it does not need to be laborious and with too much effort. You can travel all over the world in your mind and not feel jetlagged” says Dan.



This is just the beginning for Dan Mwale, a rare breed of his own. Monster will solidify him as a true contender and competitor in the industry. Hugely influenced by artists Patrickxxlee, Michael Jackson, the Weekend, Kanye west, Future, Tracy Chapman and AKA, Dan takes major inspiration from them.


“In an industry that is heavily saturated, you need to stand out to stand tall. My infusion of Art, corporate and fashion will take our industry to the next level,” says Dan


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