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El Blocka Releases BomaMoto Video

El Blocka Releases BomaMoto Video


The Multi National Afro Trap giants EL BLOCKA are back on the scene this time around with another Smash Hit titled Boma moto which means “Kill the fire” in native Congolese language “Lingala”.


The song has been receiving massive media presence with Trace Africa making it an Exclusive,along with Channel O and other major TV stations across the African Continent. Earlier this Year the Movement also teamed up with South Africa’s Dj Fanatic for another masterpiece track El Party which is still enjoying air play and Tv appearance.


El Bkocka surfaced on the African Hip Hop scene in 2014 and the Movement is represented by its Five different Nations members who come from Nigeria, Congo, Angola, Malawi & South Africa respectively. Let’s hope the Gang will keep dropping more good videos as they are on a consistent pick.





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